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Why RADAR Models?

RADAR was designed to provide advance the field of forensic interviewing by making forensic balance a foundational value, operationalizing reproducible interview practices, and consistently improving based on the latest available research.

Advantages for Interviewers

RADAR uses a simple portable model that is easily learned by both new and experienced interviewers.

RADAR focuses on the 'how' of interviewing and provides structure and confidence to the interviewer.

RADAR relies on skill development learned through repeatable and standardized steps.

Advantages for Interviewees

Rather than a primary focus on the interview process (What should I ask next?), the focus must shift to the child (What is this child communicating in word and demeanor?). RADAR facilitates this shift in focus by providing a logical interview structure that includes easy-to-remember rubrics to guide questioning.

RADAR is also one of the first forensic interview protocols to provide instruction on when and how to conduct follow-up sessions as part of the initial five-day training. RADAR views forensic balance as a core, foundational value.

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