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RADAR JR is the preschool version of RADAR, a semi-structured, child-centered model for interviewing children and adolescents in cases of suspected child maltreatment.  Like its predecessor, RADAR JR emphasizes forensic balance, with the dual objective of minimizing interview errors contributing to either false positive or false negative case decisions.  RADAR JR offers a practical, teachable model for interviewing preschoolers that is grounded in current research and three decades of forensic practice.


Age Range

RADAR JR is designed for children who are functioning developmentally between age 3 to approximately age 5 ½.  In contrast, the original RADAR protocol works best for children who are functioning at age 5 or 5 ½, at a minimum.


Two-Session Model

RADAR JR is designed as a two-session interview protocol in order to better accommodate the developmental level, socio-emotional needs, and attentional limitations of 3 to 5 year-old children.  Interviewers and MDTs have the flexibility to add a third session as needed or to forego the second session, if contraindicated.

Approved Use


Approved use of the RADAR JR model requires completion of authorized RADAR JR training. Ongoing peer supervision with experienced RADAR JR interviewers is highly recommended to maintain model fidelity.  Attending RADAR is a prerequisite to attend RADAR JR.

RADAR JR-trained interviewers can email Scott Rodriguez ( to obtain the latest model version.  

The latest model version is RADAR JR  April 30, 2021.

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