RADAR v 1.0 was first introduced as a child forensic interview model in 2009.  RADAR has undergone a number of subsequent revisions based on clinical experience and updated research findings. 

The RADAR interview is now a nationally recognized model, and RADAR interview training meets accreditation standards for Forensic Interview training by the National Children's Alliance. 


In addition to the RADAR model for children age 5 and above, the RADAR development team has subsequently created the RADAR JR model for preschool children, and most recently the FirstCall Initial Interview Model for first responders.  Both RADAR JR and FirstCall draw heavily on RADAR structure and language to promote ease of learning and use.  


In combination, these three interviews comprise the family of RADAR models. 


The  RADAR development team represents over 80 years of clinical experience:

Mark Everson - mark_everson@med.unc.edu

Lt. Chris Ragsdale, USN

Scott Snider – scott.snider@duke.edu 

Scott Rodriguez – scott.rodriguez@med.unc.edu

Nancy Berson was a contributor to RADAR JR