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RADAR Jr. is the preschool version of RADAR, a semi-structured, child-centered model for interviewing children and adolescents in cases of suspected child maltreatment.  Like its predecessor, RADAR Jr. emphasizes forensic balance, with the dual objective of minimizing interview errors contributing to either false positive or false negative case decisions.  RADAR Jr. offers a practical, teachable model for interviewing preschoolers that is grounded in current research and three decades of forensic practice.


RADAR Jr.'s 2-day training includes video examples, skill-based exercises, and a mock interview with both faculty and peer feedback.  The basic class emphasizes not only the what and why, but also the how of forensic interviewing.


This is an in person training in Raleigh, NC.  The address of the training is:


901 Corporate Center Drive

Raleigh, NC 27607

Participants agree to be present in Raleigh at the location for training.

RADAR Jr. In-Person 2-Day Training - December 18th - 19th

  • The RADAR Jr. training requires the participant to be at the training location for the week of training.

    Two weeks prior to the training date, the training admission becomes non-refundable.  At this time, training materials will be mailed to the provided address.

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